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The TAU fellowship encapsulates IDeA Worldwide's mission statement "Design a better world". We believe that design can make our planet a better place for all its residents irrespective of gender, nationality or creed. In pursuit of this, IDeA Worldwide has launched the Thomas Abraham Understudy Design Fellowship (TAU).

For the academic year 2020, our TAU Design Fellowship provides-
  • Airfare (round-trip air ticket to/from Bangalore, India)
  • Tuition and full coverage health insurance
  • A stipend of 2,00,000 (pro-rata for the period of the fellowship) - that will ordinarily cover lodging and boarding expenses in Bangalore, India.
  • A free educational trip to Hampi and the Taj Mahal (two among UNESCO's World Heritage sites).
Eligibility Requirements:

This fellowship is open to students and apprentices from Europe, North America and Australia looking for exposure to one of the world’s leading design industries (in both fashion and interiors). (There are other similar programs for students from Asia, Africa and South America). Design students currently in their final or pre-final year can apply. Fresh graduates who have just finished their design course may also apply.

Period & Number of Fellowships:

For a period of 4 weeks (1 month) or 4 months (1 semester); the number of fellowships is restricted to 2 persons each year.

Fellowships will start in January 2020 or July 2020 (for which the last date to apply is 30th November 2019 for both sessions)

How to apply:

Applicants can apply for Thomas Abraham Understudy Design Fellowship by filling the form and uploading the documents mentioned below.

The documents must include :

  • A brief statement describing how an affiliation with the fellowship would benefit you
  • A two page resume
  • A letter of recommendation written by the dissertation advisor or faculty member

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Only .pdf .doc file are allowed

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