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Diana Jacil Prakash

2D, 3D graphics M.Arch

I am an Architect specialised in Habitat Design. My design journey started at a very young age. Teaching to me often depicts journey’s. It encompasses hard work, creativity and experiences with the added benefit of learning hence I believe in teaching from the heart as to me this is the most rewarding Journey.

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Rashmi K

Fundamentals of Design (FOD), Construction Materials, Software-Autocad Sketch up and Photoshop

My passion is to learn new skills and upgrade. One of the beautiful way to achieve that is to share that knowledge with the students. I also enjoy reading and keeping myself active and updated.

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Naveena Ravishankar

Construction Materials B.Arch

I worship design. I celebrate design. I believe that design has a major role in the function of anything, as small as a safety pin and as big as buildings & skyscrapers. The scale of these designs maybe different, but the thought process is related. I enjoy and consider teaching - a two way process where we exchange knowledge to enhance each other.

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Interior Design & Decoration B.Arch

My strong interest towards writing, design and teaching has always proven to be my favorite stress buster in life. And there is certainly no joy in this world that's greater than the joy of seeing young minds turning into geniuses with your imparted knowledge, your guidance and your efforts, while learning something new from each one of them. And that's the beauty of teaching, you learn yourself while you make learning easier for others.

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Suma Sharma


I am Practicing as an architect and interior designer since 30 years and am Associated with IDeA world wide college from 20 years. For me, Design is all about making people happy and comfortable & also guide them subtly to enjoy. Teaching is to motivate the students, to think in the right direction and put them on the design journey.

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Pushya Koushik


I'm Skillful in teaching Materials & Application, Colour concepts, Sustainable design methods and Software - AutoCAD, Google SketchUp, 3D Studio Max & Adobe Photoshop. I have a fondness for teaching and guiding students towards a love for learning. Young minds do their best when they know better.

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Kadambari kowthal


I have a diverse Architectural and Interior project experience from small to large scales in India and Middle East. I'm also a passionate traveler & reader. My areas of interests include sustainable design and Building information modelling.
Interacting with students ,analysing their thought process and perspective towards design is what I enjoy the most in teaching.

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Pooja Rajashree Srinivas

B Arch

Creative Head/Founder: Ekaaya, Architect, Director/ Founder: Plethora

I'm an Architect who keenly believes in design being a great form of expression and hopes to explore this in multitude dimensions. Teaching is a part of my soul, its a place of ecstasy. Each day I learn and get inspired from students through conversations, design and the various nuances of each personality. I hope to help these budding designers tap into their authentic versions.

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