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  • The fashion design industry is experiencing a boom in demand for outstanding fashion architecture and design. Practitioners of this field are expected to create functional and beautiful clothing despite the increasing challenges. The industry will continue to incorporate sustainable perspectives and new technology to improve the human experience from a fashion perspective.

  • That’s why a state-of-the-art course with the latest technologies and latest learning is important for fashion designers, already established to some degree, need in this critical hour of demand.

  • So, at IDeA worldwide we have come up with the most advanced PG diploma fashion designing course which will help students gain an edge in the market. This program focuses on integrating, interdisciplinarity and socially responsible practice & methods to help them deal with real-world challenges. You will learn a variety of fashion methods in multiple areas of the industry, ranging from personal to commercial and beyond.

  • As a student, you will be able to explore and invent without any limitations, and you will also learn how to manage technical and business aspects.

Let us help you achieve the same

Course Syllabus - PG Diploma in Fashion Designing

Here’s the course syllabus designed to fast track your fashion design career.

Diploma in Interior Design - This program is best for those who want to get into the industry faster with all the basics and essential knowledge in place. With world class skills at your fingertips, you can get started at the earliest and gain more experience on the go. Here is the syllabus for the course.

All three courses are catered to different types of students at different levels. The curriculum is carefully designed to empower students in a step by step process and make them stellar designers.

  • Languages and Conventions

  • Optic illusions and Style Lines

  • Body Silhouettes and Anatomy, Photo Analysis

  • Techniques of Sketching men, women and kids

  • Fabric Selection

  • Harmony and Theory of Colours

  • Fashion Accessories

  • Necessities and Precautions of Pattern Making

  • Human Body Lengths

  • Eight Head Theory

  • Body Silhouettes and Anatomy, Photo, Analysis

  • Techniques of sketching men, women and kids

  • Techniques of sewing

  • Traditional stitches and Embroidery

  • Marketing, Pre-buying Activity and Market Analysis

  • Forecasting, Entrepreneurs Skills

  • CC&EC

  • Role of Obsolescence

  • Flowcharts of Assurance

  • Merchandising of Fabrics and Embellishments

  • Production Machinery

  • Terminology of Textiles

  • Historical Background

  • Cotton, Linen, Skill, Wool, Rayon, Nylon, Acetate, Acrylic, Lycra, Jute, Hemp

  • Yarn and its Counts

  • Twists and Textures, Woven and Non-Woven Fabrics

  • Basics Weaves, Figure Weaves, Pile Weaves

  • Knitting and Bonding

  • Braiding, Netting

  • Bleaching, Calendaring, Embossing and Glazing

  • Constructing Blocks

  • Stitching and Drafting

  • Stress Analysis

  • Role of Advertising Agencies

  • Media and Public Relations, Personal Relationship Skill and Self Presentation

Course Duration of PG Diploma in Fashion Designing in Bangalore

The course has a 1-year duration and combines all the theoretical knowledge with practical knowledge transfer to accelerate your progress. The internship, which is mandatory and prepares you for the industry, will last for one month and will allow you to put all your knowledge to the test.

Fine-Tune Your Skills With A Precise Curriculum At Idea Worldwide.

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Course Fee for PG Diploma in Fashion Designing

At IDeA, we strive to find means and ways to make tuition very affordable for our students. We are one of the only institutions across the world that has the best courses available for the most competitive pricing. We encourage students to reach out to our mentors and have an insightful discussion that includes the fee structure.

Enable Your Creativity & Enter The World Of Fashion Designing.

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Choose to Learn Online

Ever since Covid-19 became part of our daily lives, many students and their families have faced challenging times to continue their most loved course. Nevertheless, they were not dismayed because we have made all the necessary changes to fit the new normal. And we have continued giving the best experience and knowledge to our students through cutting edge online technologies

We have developed a perfect online coaching option that covers all subjects of course with clearly-defined online lessons, coaching from mentors, projects, software usage, and much more. It applies to our future students. If you are facing difficulties in making it to live classes or unable to travel due to covid restrictions, then you can rest assured as we will provide the same level of world-class education online.

We have made a complete overhaul of our teaching agenda and approach by incorporating online learning without missing any details. Those who have trouble travelling to physical classes can take advantage of our online medium and experience the practical knowledge transfer from our faculty.

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The Best Faculty to Guide You Through The Course

Of course, the faculty does matter. Not only do we have established fashion design professionals teaching our students but we have industry experts as visiting faculty.

Here are your mentors that will be guiding you.

Why IDeA?

For more than three decades now, IDeA Worldwide has been recognized as an industry leader in multiple facets of the interior designing profession. We’re driven by the need to provide the most advanced interior course culminating the industry requirements and modern-day technology. It’s because of our world-class quality in the courses, our alumni not only hold esteemed positions in various capacities but have become leaders and influencers in the industry.

That’s why even the most talented designers come to us searching for ways to boost their talents and open doors to multiple opportunities in the industry. These are some of the many reasons why IDeA is a globally renowned interior design college and a right fit for your career goals.

About admission procedure at IDeA

  • Step 1 : Fill the application form

    Apply by filling a simple

    online application form
  • Step 2 : Admissions Test & Interview

    Go through an admission test and a screening call with the Admission Director’s office..

  • Step 3 : Join Program

    An offer letter will be rolled out to the select few candidates. Secure your seat by paying the admission fee.

Career Opportunities After Completing the Course

  • IDeA is committed to helping our students find the best career opportunities. Our in-house team will continue to assist you in securing your dream job or starting your own business venture. However, the skills and confidence that you gain after the fashion design course will open up many doors for you.

  • You will also be able to make the connections necessary to launch a successful fashion design career through our alumni connections and industry visits. For more information, contact us today.

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Upcoming Application Deadline

Our admissions close once the requisite number of participants enroll for the upcoming batch. Apply early to secure your seats.

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Got Questions?

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A fashion designing course helps you grow your skills in fashion designing through hands-on experience and transfer all the knowledge required to help a person become a creative designer.

Any course which fits your needs and timelines is best for you. If you are running short on time then we suggest a diploma course. If not you can go through our intensive 4 years bachelor course.

Our bachelor’s program is for 4 years where you will be theory and practical for 3 years and work 1 year in a paid internship.

It varies from institute to institute. If the course is of world-class quality then it will be more. However, we charge the lowest for one of the best courses in the world.

By choosing a bachelor degree or by doing a diploma course.

Yes, it is a professional and intensive course.

At IDeA worldwide, we have three courses. A diploma, bachelor's degree and PG diploma in fashion designing.

Any course that gives you the right knowledge about fashion designing and its industry, as we do at IDeA worldwide.

You can choose to work in a leading fashion firm or become an entrepreneur and start your own line of fashion. The choice is totally up to you.

You need to have a minimum qualification of 12th or PUC.

Have more questions? Ask your question here

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