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Get creative and be inspired - Interior Design Diploma

  • Solving design problems and creating meaningful & functional spaces is the primary role of an Interior designer. It is the science of understanding human behaviors that will lead to building beautiful & functional rooms within buildings by considering the various parts of space such as the walls, floors, ceilings, vasthu, and much more.

  • A professional designer who has all necessary skills will understand the architecture and work closely with multiple professionals to design a perfect interior space. They ought to approach this process by considering various concepts such as color schemes, style inspiratiation, texture of the various accessories being used and much more.

  • This world-class diploma course in interior design will expose you to all the skills, techniques, and hands-on knowledge required to launch your career in the competitive industry of interior design. You will experience the latest designs & design technology in the international spaces and industry best practices in both residential & commercial space design.

  • With this knowledge you will be able to kick start your career as a fabulous interior designer.

Let us help you achieve the same

Course Syllabus - Diploma in Interior Design

Here’s the course syllabus designed to fast track your interior design career.

Diploma in Interior Design - This program is best for those who want to get into the industry faster with all the basics and essential knowledge in place. With world class skills at your fingertips, you can get started at the earliest and gain more experience on the go. Here is the syllabus for the course.

  • Principles of Design

  • Graphic Presentation(Basic)

  • Plans, Elevations, Sections, Perspectives

  • Buildings Services(Basic) - Air Conditioning, Electrical, Sanitary and Lighting Systems

  • Building Materials - Glass,Natural & Processed Woods, Metal, Carpets, Curtains, Upholstery, Flooring Materials, Wall Finishes, Lamps and Luminaries, Plastics, Insulation Materials, Kitchen Appliances, Security System, Energy Conservation Systems, False Ceilings, False Floors, Mezzanines, Staircases, Paints & Polishes, Wood Joinery

  • Landscaping, Vastu Shastra

  • Design of Residential Interiors

  • Design of Commercial Interiors

  • Furniture Design, hropometrics and Ergonomics

  • Golden Mean, Proportion, Balance, Rhythm, Scale, Unity and Harmony

  • Professional Practice, Costing and Estimation

  • Software : AutoCad, 3ds Max, PhotoShop

Bachelors in Interior Design - Affiliated to Bangalore University, this course takes you from the very basics of interior design to the most advanced concepts with hands-on experience, including industry exposure and a full year of internship with leading design firms. Here is the syllabus for the course.

Semester 1
  • Language I

  • Language II

  • CC&EC

  • Colours in interiors

  • Constitution of India and Human Rights

  • Construction Interiors

  • Interior Design Studio & Building System Technology I

  • Principles of Interior Design

Semester 2
  • Language I

  • Language II

  • CC&EC

  • Basics of AER & Graphics in Interior

  • Interior Design Studio & Building System Technology II

  • Lighting in Interiors

  • Environment & Public Health

Semester 3
  • Language I

  • Language II

  • CC&EC

  • Draftsmanship I

  • Basics of Computer Application - AutoCAD I

  • Communication skill

  • Art on Textiles in Interior

Semester 4
  • Language I

  • Language II

  • Applied Art in Interior

  • CC&EC

  • Basics of Computer Application - AutoCAD II

  • Draftsmanship II

  • Life Skill & Personality

Semester 5
  • Soft Furnishings

  • Interior Services

  • In-house Training

  • Human Resource Development

  • Furniture Designing I

  • Construction Detailing

  • Architectural Textiles

Semester 6
  • Entrepreneurship Development

  • Ergonomics in Interior

  • Furniture Designing II

  • Gardening & Landscaping

  • Indian History, Culture & Diversity

  • Interior Space Designing

  • Residential & Kitchen Designing

Duration of Interior Design Diploma Course in Bangalore

To fast track your progress and get you in the industry at the earliest, the course is designed with a 1 years duration combined with a high-level of practical knowledge transfer, along with all theoretical information. You will then be required to do a 1 month internship with an industry leader where you will apply all the knowledge acquired to test and become a fine interior designer.


Fine-Tune Your Skills With A Precise Curriculum At Idea Worldwide.

  • There is a minimum requirement to join the courses.

  • For interior design bachelor degree, we require PUC or 12th to consider for the course.

  • There is no eligibility criteria for Diploma course.

  • For the post graduate program, you need to hold a bachelor's degree.

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Read complete guide on Interior Design Course Eligibility Criteria, Scope, Duration, Syllabus Skills Required

Fee structure of Interior Design Diploma Course

At IDeA Worldwide, our fee structures are constructed to be the best in the market and most importantly student oriented. In fact, we have the most competitive fee structures compared to all the design schools in the country. With our sole vision of bringing world class education to deserving students, we have formulated an ideal fee structure that will help you through this journey. We would love to give you more details, do reach out to us for a full disclosure of all the details related to this diploma course.

Outline your future in the Interior Design sector At Idea Worldwide.

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Empowered with Online Coaching Option

You can pursue this diploma online as well. Since Covid-19 has become part of our daily lives, many students and their families have challenges to travel or move as freely as they used to be. Nevertheless, thanks to our fantastic team at IDeA the parents were absolutely happy as we have made all the technological changes to continue education during this new normal. And we have been rigorously giving the best experience and knowledge to our students through cutting edge online platforms.

We have developed a perfect curriculum to suit the online needs which covers all subjects of course with clearly-defined lessons, coaching from mentors, projects, software usage, and much more. It applies to our future students. If you are facing difficulties in making it to live classes or unable to travel due to covid restrictions, then you can be rest assured as we will provide the same level of world-class education online.

If you are unable to travel due to covid restrictions and concerns or any other hindrance then you can put your worries to rest and access the entire course online.

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Never Stop Learning

You Can Learn It Online

The pandemic has affected our coaching drastically through 2020. However, we never disappointed our students as we have created perfect online options for all the programs. If you are looking for online sessions then you can use our online mode of training, which has the same intensity as the live courses, and ace your exams.

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The Ideal Faculty to Guide You

Our in-house faculty and instructors and our visiting faculty and instructors are leaders in the industry and they have commendable achievements in their interior design career. Here are the faculty members that will be part of the course.

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The Ideal Faculty to Guide You

Our in-house faculty and instructors and our visiting faculty and instructors are leaders in the industry and they have commendable achievements in their interior design career. Here are the faculty members that will be part of the course.

Why Choose IDeA?

Because we’re the veterans in the industry and we have all the knowledge you require to make your dreams come true. Also, our interior design course specializing in multiple facets of industry-demanding design skills, is the only course of its kind in Bangalore to incorporate commercial, residential, and industrial design into a single comprehensive design course. As the world around us rapidly changes, IDeA Worldwide has responded to the employers and enthusiasts in the industry by offering this skill-driven interior design course that equips its students with important design skills that can be put to application in a multitude of interior design roles and careers.

The only reason to put so much effort in making this course truly spectacular is that interior designers work with multiple professionals, including graphic designers, architects, engineers, entrepreneurs, business owners and many more. The everyday work of an interior designer demands skills such as goal setting, project management, research and data collection, conceptualization, creative thinking, design thinking, problem solving, documentation, material selection, contract administration, and post- and pre- design services.

About admission procedure at IDeA

  • Step 1 : Fill the application form

    Apply by filling a simple

    online application form
  • Step 2 : Admissions Test & Interview

    Go through an admission test and a screening call with the Admission Director’s office..

  • Step 3 : Join Program

    An offer letter will be rolled out to the select few candidates. Secure your seat by paying the admission fee.

Career Opportunities After Completing the Course

  • At IDeA, we are dedicated to help our students with the best career opportunities. While our in-house team continues to help you in realizing a dream job or probably start your entrepreneurial journey, you will realize that the skills and confidence you possess after the course will open doors to multiple opportunities beyond your imagination.

  • Also, during our industry visits and alumni connections, you will be able to make all the necessary connections required to kick start a great interior design career. Talk to us today to get more information.

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Upcoming Application Deadline

Our admissions close once the requisite number of participants enroll for the upcoming batch. Apply early to secure your seats.

Testimonials From Students of Our Course

953 Reviews


Not convinced yet, here are some of the testimonials:

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Got Questions?

No, you have to pursue a bachelors program to do a masters degree. The diploma will help you get into the industry and we will help you get connected with the right people. However, if doing masters is what you desire then we suggest you take our bachelors course along with masters.

In a diploma you will learn the fundamentals of interior design and then you have gain experience as you start working. It is the quickest way to get into the industry.

If you want to learn more than just the fundamentals and get a 360-degree experience then we suggest our bachelor’s course

You can do a bachelors course or any other certification course after you complete the diploma.

There is no entrance exam but our mentors will take an interview and go through a screening process to see if you are the right candidate for this course.

Yes, you can become an independent designer after this diploma

Diploma gives you very fundamental knowledge but a degree gives you the entire industry knowledge along with a lot of hand-on experience.

Yes, there is a lot of potential and possibilities. We will also help you with a lot of opportunities.

Have more questions? Ask your question here

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